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The Shopkeeper Stories series shares the vision and personality of New Orleans business owners. Locally owned businesses infuse New Orleans neighborhoods with their unique character, and are a big part of why we want to live, work, eat and shop here.  While drainage system improvements and road construction make “shopping local” a bit more challenging in the short term, the critical improvements mean our city will be safer and stronger for generations to come. We hope you are inspired and continue to shop small and shop local—even if it takes a little extra time!

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1307 OC Haley Blvd, Suite 309
New Orleans, LA 70113
(504) 252-1259

Independent business? You’re not alone.
Featured Business Owner
Claudia Baumgarten
Miss Claudia's Vintage Clothes and Costumes
Since 2004

Carnival has arrived! For many of us, costume planning is an enthralling project that lasts the entire season, and sometimes even the entire year. Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing and Costumes is a beacon in the costuming cosmos and offers a medley of vintage and contemporary items for all of your dress-up endeavors.


What ignited the spark in you to start your business?

I wanted to work for myself and have always loved vintage clothing. I come from an acting background and found my niche in portraying historical characters including Madame Begue, Baroness Pontalba, and Margaret Haughery, to name a few.

I’ve always felt it was important to maintain the traditional clothing of these historic figures.  Almost all of the vintage clothing and accessories in my shop come from New Orleans. The pieces are beautiful, exceptionally well-made, and historic. Many pieces are several generations old and have their own personality. Clothing is an important piece of New Orleans and its history, and I’m happy to preserve it.

Who are your customers?

Our customers run the gamut - hipsters, uptown folks, drag queens, college students, and vintage seekers. We have a large selection for men, which is great because they are quick shoppers! The amusement of costuming is universal. We get dressed up for holidays, parades, Mardi Gras balls, and festivals, and what each person dons is an expression of him or herself. Big Freedia has been a frequent customer as well as many national celebrities.

If your shop was a cocktail, what would it be?

Pimm’s Cup; especially if it’s from the Napoleon House.

What is your favorite event to dress up for?

My favorite is Carnival! It’s celebrated for an entire season and it’s purely unacceptable to wear the same costume twice. It’s the quintessential opportunity for creativity. New Orleans is full of creative people with great ideas and I love to help them bring their costume together.

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Shopkeeper Stories

The Shopkeeper Stories are brought to you by StayLocal, the Greater New Orleans independent business alliance, in partnership with Uptown Messenger. This series runs every first and third Tuesday of the month.  Learn more about us and the work we do at