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The Shopkeeper Stories series shares the vision and personality of New Orleans business owners. Locally owned businesses infuse New Orleans neighborhoods with their unique character, and are a big part of why we want to live, work, eat and shop here.  While drainage system improvements and road construction make “shopping local” a bit more challenging in the short term, the critical improvements mean our city will be safer and stronger for generations to come. We hope you are inspired and continue to shop small and shop local—even if it takes a little extra time!
The Shopkeeper Stories are brought to you by StayLocal, the Greater New Orleans independent business alliance, in partnership with Uptown Messenger. This series runs every first and third Tuesday of the month.  Learn more about us and the work we do at

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1307 OC Haley Blvd, Suite 309
New Orleans, LA 70113
(504) 252-1259

Independent business? You’re not alone.
Featured Business Owner
Beatrix Bell 
Beatrixbell Handcrafted Jewelry & Gift 
Since 2017
What ignited the spark in you to start your business?
My jewelry business has been my full time job for over 10 years. I predominantly sell wholesale to gift shops and boutiques nationwide as well as setting up under EZ-up tents and at pop ups. After doing that for some time, I wanted to create a permanent space to showcase my entire line of jewelry as well as including wares from other Louisiana based artists and entrepreneurs.
If your shop was a cocktail, what kind would it be?
It would be a proper Gin & Tonic with El Guapo bitters. It’s refreshing, kind of sweet, and kind of sour, with hyperlocal flavor, since the syrup is made right here in Algiers. It’s my favorite cocktail!
Describe your business in a few words.
My business is modern, eclectic, and fresh because the inventory and the designs are always changing. I offer a wide range of different products and styles which gives my shop an eclectic and unpretentious vibe.
What’s your favorite local biz in your area?
My favorite local business is Congregation Coffee. They just opened up in our neighborhood. I love their coffee, and they’re an awesome business!
What advice would you give a new business owner?
I would tell any new business owner or artist to never compare yourself to anyone else. It kills the joy of being an entrepreneur. It’s great to learn from people, watch what they’re doing, and have them mentor you. It’s all about your own personal goals and your own personal happiness within what you’re doing.



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